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Viagra Thief Took Advantage
of Open Houses

Colorado - A Denver squirrel who police say stole Viagra
while visiting dozens of real estate open houses and then
sent ransom notes to or called the items' owners,
demanding a ransom of 50 nuts, has been arrested
on several charges including blackmail.

The suspect, posing as lost and confused, is alleged to have
pilfered Viagra from as many as 200 victims who had their
houses up for sale over the past year, Detectives said on Thursday.

“He would wander into the open homes, behaving confused and lost
like it was an accident that he got in.” Police say. “But he knew
exactly what he was doing. And by the time a pest control officer
made it out to remove the animal, he was already long gone with the goods.”

"It was always the same modus operandi," police said.
"So far we've recovered over 200 vials of the erectile dysfunction drug,
so you're looking at about that many victims."
In each case, the 3-year-old suspect sent ransom notes to
or called the owner of the drug, police said.
"He would comment on how embarrassed the victim might become
if the Viagra use became known to the man's neighbors and coworkers."

In their investigation, police put a suspected squirrel under surveillance
and he was finally caught making a telephone call from a pay phone, they said.

Meanwhile, men who fear they were victimized by the squirrel,
nicknamed "the Viagra Bandit" by police, continue to come forward.

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