Squirrels Even The Odds With Body Armor

Watch out, sucker! Squirrels in Kentucky are dressing for danger in bulletproof vests made of the same Kevlar armor that police officers wear.
"The squirrels appear to be fed up with the notion of squirrel hunting in this part of the country," said Cob Kilbert a local animal control officer." And there's some folks around here that's helping them."
Fifty seven squirrels were fitted with the vests this week. Made by a company called Last Chance, they weigh about two ounces and are similar to those that human officers wear, except they have four armholes. ``They don't seem to mind them at all,'' Kilbrt said. ``They do not hamper or impede them in any way.'' A local couple donated the $1,000 vests after reading about squirrels being murdered in rural Kentucky for their brains, a delicacy to some. The gray squirrel is the state game animal of Kentucky and squirrel hunting is big there.
"I guess the vests give the squirrels a better chance", remarked Kilbert," I just hope they don't start shootin back."

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