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Unabomber Says
"Squirrels Made Me Do It"

Unabomber Ted Kaczynski insists in an interview that he is not crazy, and says he was pushed to the limits of patience by thieving squirrels. ``I'm confident that I'm sane,'' he tells Time magazine in its Oct. 18 issue, on newsstands Monday. ``I don't get delusions and so forth."
``I had very serious problems with squirrels getting into my birdfeeders.... But it would have to be distinguished between an organic illness, like schizophrenia.''
The interview coincides with the imminent release of Kaczynski's bookó ``Squirrels. . . Stop Them Now,'' published by Context Books.
Kaczyinski also spoke about his brother, who turned him into authorities. When asked what he would say to his brother, David, Kaczynski replies: ``I would just call him a squirrel-hugger and turn my back on him. He could never know what it is to carry all that birdseed on a bicycle just to have it stolen by some low-life squirrels!"

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