Rebel Squirrel Stumbles onto Secret of Time Travel!

The world is a very cruel
place, particularly for some.

But one squirrel has chosen a path
that will lead either to
justice or self-sacrifice.

After losing his entire army to the abert squirrel floozies of Leadville, CO., Stockton Dupres returned to his homeland of Kentucky, alone and disheartened.

There, in an undisclosed place,
Dupres stumbled upon Mother Nature's
most prized possession; An ancient tree
that serves as a portal through
the web of time

A natural black hole
offering the endless possibilities
of quantum tunneling.

What will he do with such power?

Perhaps he can subdue the human race
while it is still in ape-form.

Maybe . . . Maybe he can stop mankind
from crawling out of the primordial slime!

Should he just offer Adam and Eve
a poison mushroom?

Dupres may go through time collecting elite soldiers from the greatest armies in history, bringing them back to Kentucky to fight the squirrel hunters there.

With a flick of his tail,
Dupres begins to climb the Tree of Time . . .

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