Fanatic Claims Squirrel Toys are Tools of Satan

A fanatic used a blowtorch and a sword during an open-air gathering this week to drive home his belief that toy squirrels are only sugarcoated instruments of the occult and evil.
At a large anti-squirrel gathering Wednesday outside his compound in Fresno, Scary Squirrel World founder, Greg Elovich told 85 children ages 6 through 12 that toy squirrels are evil.
To make his point, Elovich burned plush squirrel toys with a blowtorch and struck a plastic squirrel action figure with a 30-inch sword. Elovich's 9-year-old neighbor, Torzak, then tore the limbs and head off a Rocky (the flying squirrel) doll.
During the demonstration, the children chanted: "Burn it. Burn it,'' and "Chop it up. Chop it up.''
Manufacturers of the hugely popular Squirrel products, said they've never heard of squirrels being associated with the occult.
Elovich said he used the sword and blowtorch to get its message across to kids because "we live in a sight-and-sound generation. A little organization is competing against Hollywood with multibillion budgets.''
He said kids are used to visual messages, and if you give them a linear message, they'll be bored.
Elovich rambled on and said the sword was used in the demonstration because we don't do things just for the sake of being sensational like the World Federation of Wrestling.''
It is commonly believed in and around Fresno, that Elovich has WAAAY too much time on his hands.

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