Dupres Travels to Future (accidentally)

Hoping to go back in time
and kill Adam and Eve
before they have a chance to breed,
Stockton Dupres finds himself in the year 2525.

Apparently, there is no way to control
where one ends up when
they climb the Tree of Time.

As he climbs down the trunk of the ancient tree,
he notices something else. It is in a museum!

It is the last tree in the world and it is living in a museum!!

As he looks on in disbelief he spots two
fiberglass squirrels in the branches.

It can mean only one thing . . .

There are no squirrels left in the world!

It is the middle of the night and the museum
is dark except for the display lights.

Suddenly, he spots a man sitting on the floor,
10 feet away. Before he can react, the man says, ”hi.”
But he does not say it out loud.
Humans in 2525 can communicate telepathically.

The man is a security guard and his name is Lovey 343.
He is a clone.
He explains that all security guards are clones of an
insane squirrel photographer who died in 2030.
Further, Dupres learns that all people holding high
political office, including the President of the World,
are clones of a long gone actor named Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Amidst these staggering new insights,
Dupres joins the man on the floor
and shares a peanut butter sandwich.

Thankful that some things never change.

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