Terrorists Taunt US, Take Squirrels Hostage

President Clinton Denounces Squirrelnappers

Frankfort, KY-Late last night, the White House received the following video of 3 captive squirrels. They are being held by anti-squirrel terrorists in the hope of gaining leverage in the ongoing conflict in Kentucky. The squirrels are obviously being tortured and forced to say things that they do not mean.
I have said many times that terrorism is one of the greatest dangers we face in this new era. We've seen its twisted mentality at work in recent times, and now, they have 3 of our bravest squirrels in their torturous grip.
Terrorists must have no doubt that in the face of their threats, America will protect its citizens and will continue to lead the world's fight for peace, freedom and security. We do not negotiate with terrorists.
Now I am returning to Washington to be briefed by my national security team on the latest information. I will provide you with a more detailed statement later this afternoon from the White House.
Thank you very much.

Warning: Before you view this video, bookmark this site so you can get back (We don't want you to become a hostage).

Click Here to See Disturbing Video
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