Violence escalates in Kentucky

No End in Sight for Stand-off!

Patriots await overdue shipment of beer

In the bloodiest clash since armored forces arrived in west-central Kentucky nearly a month ago, anti-squirrel militiamen (known as 'Patriots') ambushed a peacekeeping patrol today, setting off a firefight that left three of the militants dead and three wounded, an official said.
No one in the peacekeeping force was injured in the clash, the site is close to the Ohio border where many of the Patriots have been gathering.
The armored force was deployed from Fort Knox on Sept. 20 to stop a rampage by the Squirrel Enforcement Army and their militant allies in the first days of squirrel hunting season. 72 squirrel hunters are still unaccounted for in the dense, squirrel infested region.
At least three other anti-squirrel militants have been killed in other skirmishes with the peacekeepers over the last 10 days, but they weren't as deadly as today's. "It is a standoff." Reported one commander. "The Patriots aren't leaving until all of the squirrel hunters are accounted for and the squirrels aren't backing down until squirrel hunting is banned in the area. Meanwhile, people are dying and disappearing, hand over fist."

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