Slave Labor Suit Dismissed


The courts can do nothing for people who want compensation for being forced to work as slave labor for the Squirrel Enforcement Army, two federal judges ruled Monday as they dismissed lawsuits against G.S. Nut Co.
The lawsuit against G.S. was dismissed because the claims exceed credibility limits imposed under U.S. law said one U.S. District Judge.
A lawyer for former slave laborer, Mr. Torzak, promised an appeal, asserting the judge misread the intent of the treaties.
The lawsuit against G.S. Nut Co. charged that citizens were routinely kidnapped from city parks and forced to work in the nut camps operated by G.S. without pay and without liberty of any kind. Mr. Torzak claims to have worked in the slave camps for nearly 2 years before he managed to escape with two other slaves, their whereabouts are unknown.
Mr. Torzak claims to be suffering from post traumatic shock syndrome caused by the inhumane treatment he received as a slave. He also claims that his sex life has deteriorated since the experience because possible romantic partners do not believe his story.


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