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To me, you are still nothing more
than a little boy
who is like a hundred other little boys.
And I have no need of you.

The Little Prince

Watch where you're going, loser!

Squirrel involved in road rage attack

Heat brings out crabbiness in squirrel!

Summertime in Colorado:
Whitewater rafting. Hiking mountain trails.
Lazy days lounging in natural hot springs. Road rage.

Generally, when squirrels clash with cars, squirrels lose.
But not when the squirrel is "Indiana Jones, "Chippy."

Detectives believe that Chippy was trying to cross the road
in front of her park home when she was
unceremoniously run over by a car
driven by LarryBob Peach. LarryBob said he knew he ran over a
squirrel but didn't give it a second thought
as he continued on his journey. About 2 miles down the
road, Chippy, who had managed to avoid the tires
by grappling a seatbelt which had been caught
in the door and was hanging outside,
made her way to the open, passenger side window and climbed in.
The enraged squirrel leapt on LarryBob's head,
biting and scratching furiously
until he stopped the car and
ran out into the street.

A passing motorist stopped and was able to lure Chippy away
by offering her a half-eaten peanut butter sandwich.
LarryBob was treated at a local hospital and released.
Chippy remains at large.

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