Rent A Squirrel

You need me!Tired of your neighbor's perfect life?
Change it with 'Rent-A-Squirrel.'
With Rent-A-Squirrel's Garden Buddy, your neighbor's garden is history! Enjoy hours of fun watching Rent-A-Squirrel eat everything in sight while your neighbor shrieks in horror!
And how will his perfectly manicured lawn look after 600 peanuts are buried in it?
Does your neighbor like to feed the birds? Drive him insane with Rent-A-Squirrel's Birdfeeder Buddy. Use your binoculars to catch his expression as he abandons all hope of ever seeing songbirds in his yard again.
And just for grins, try the new Rent-A-Squirrel Fireplace Buddy. Like lightening, Rent-A-Squirrel is down the chimney and into the interior of your neighbor's home within minutes. Leaving soot and ash on carpets, upholstery, curtains and small children.

Prices start at $29.95 per day and Rent-A-Squirrel is guaranteed to turn anyone into a gibbering hyena within a week .

Don't be jealous . . . Be ready, with Rent-A-Squirrel!

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