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Reno reads Squirrel book amid Elian crisis

WASHINGTON - Taking a break from the Elian Gonzalez crisis, Attorney General Janet Reno read a book called "Squirrels and the New World Order" to children attending the annual White House Easter Egg Roll Monday.
Reno was among a number of Clinton administration officials and celebrities who were reading books to children on the White House South Lawn for the traditional egg roll festivities on the day after Easter Sunday.
Reno has made an annual tradition of reading "Voyage to the Bunny Planet" to children at the egg roll but this years selection was a surprise to everyone attending the event.
Reno also sported a T-shirt with a photo of famed squirrel rebel, "Stockton Dupres" on the front
The attorney general sparked outrage among parents when they discovered what she had shared with their children. Children returned from the egg roll event chanting pro-squirrel slogans such as "One Nut, One World" and " Stockton Dupres, victim of a speciest society." The children were also given glow-in-the-dark Stockton Dupres action figures to take home.
President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary had opposing viewpoints on Reno's actions of the day. The President said he had no knowledge of Reno's affiliation with the Squirrel Enforcement Army and its plan to take over the world. He also said that he would not condone such an affiliation among his staff. Hillary on the other hand said that she supported Reno's position and called her actions 'harmless.' "Squirrels are cute and charismatic," she went on, "Children are going to love them no matter what we say. The Attorney General was just giving the children what they wanted. It was their day, remember."

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