Violence escalates in Kentucky

Squirrel Hunting 1999 Called Deadliest Sport in America!

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Fort Knox Kentucky- Military officials say two battalions of extra troops have been sent to a popular squirrel
hunting area to help stem escalating violence in the wake of a
squirrel rebellion on Wednesday.
Armed forces commander Gen. Tolly says the results of the
rebellion would be announced Saturday, once all hunters are
accounted for.
Anti-squirrel militiamen who have been waging a campaign of
terror against squirrels nationwide have come in droves to the
Bluegrass state in order to quash the hated 'chitter-demons'and rescue hunters still trapped or injured in the dense squirrel infested forests.
The security situation in the state deteriorated further today
with pro-squirrel militias roaming several towns, spreading fear,
pillaging and taking anyone with a squirrel hunting license hostage.
About 63 known hunters are missing and feared dead.
A group of 76 journalists, including foreign reporters, left
Louisville on a chartered plane today.
"It just ain't safe fer nobody", as one unidentified city
official put it. "I guess them squirrels ain't gonna take it no more."

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