Peace Rally Disrupted

You want a piece of me, skwerl? Squirrel Enforcement Alliance for Change leaders held a rally against Scary Squirrel World troublemaker Greg Elovich and his Patriot Party supporters staging a counter-demonstration in the same town square in Fresno, Ca.
Acorns were thrown, and there were scuffles along the lines of contact between the two crowds, but no casualties were reported.
The Patriots were outnumbered by about 3,000 Alliance supporters, who tried to storm Patriot Party headquarters in the square after they were targeted with water balloons thrown from buildings. After a Patriot official (Elovich) threw toy hand grenades from the window; police cordoned off the building.
Washington officials visiting Fresno today, called on the Patriot supporters to bring down Elovich who uses the aliases, Cletus and Lovey in his propaganda efforts.
"The size of the spontaneous protests that are taking place in Fresno and other American cities, shows that the man responsible for the violence against squirrels in this part of The world is now being pinpointed even by his own followers. "He is clearly unstable," remarked one follower, Brandy Snit, who said she came all the way from New York for this rally," His ideas seemed reasonable on his website as I read them at 3:00 A.M. but now I see him as someone who needs a lot of help."
"My country wants a political solution to squirrel world domination, which must involve a broad autonomy and the respect of Patriot integrity," Elovich cried as he was led away in constraints.


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