willing to relocate after I'm released on 1/2/01. I'm a sexy female with a high profile bushy tail. I love to be naked and am naughty by nature. I like to work hard during the day and play hard at night. I want a seasonal romance. Only the serious need to correspond.

Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar-#33479-

willing to relocate after my release. I'm small, cute and sassy. I love to collect nuts and make dogs bark. I'm not warm or loving, honest, or sensitive to other's feelings. But I'm looking for a man who's all of those things and rich too! I.Q. does not matter.



willing to relocate when I'm released on 2/25/01. I'm young and sexy, soft and cuddly. I like to chatter and be taken care of. My turn ons are nuts, balding men and apples (sliced). I'm anxiously waiting to hear from you.



willing to relocate when I'm released on 11/00. I'm extremely sexy and funny. I have loads of class and I like to play rough. If you've got nuts, I'm willing to meet with you upon my release.



I'm fat and fine, thank you! Willing to relocate when I am released on 10/12/02. Will only consider those who send nuts . . . Now!

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