Babe of the 4th Quarter

(Oct., Nov., Dec.)

Bobbie Sue

Bobbie Sue-#644298-

State: KY
Age: 4 Years
Race: Fox Squirrel
Length: 25 inches
Wt: 3 lbs.
Measurements: 3-5-8
Release Date: 10-31-04

More about Bobbie Sue

I enjoy life to the fullest in everything I do.
I'm not a bad squirrel but I have made some
bad excuses. . er. . . I mean, choices in my life.
In the past, I was known as a party squirrel and
was unable to commit.
Always running from one nut to another.
But now I am mature enough to handle a real relationship
involving mutual respect, companionship
and lots and lots of delicious nuts.

You can see by my release date that you have
plenty of time to prepare for me and build a nice tree condo.
Please write to me soon and send nuts. Today!

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