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Fugitive, Stockton Dupres

Priest Refuses to Identify Squirrel Who Robbed Him

Lexington, KY - A Roman Catholic priest has refused to identify the squirrel that robbed him of his nuts during confession Friday because it would violate church law, authorities said Sunday.
The unidentified priest was hearing confession Friday evening when he was robbed of a large bag of mixed nuts, said a spokesman for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Lexington.
Another priest who found the nuts missing reported the nut robbery to the police Friday evening.
The robbed priest is unable to help police in identifying his attacker because the sacred seal of the confessional binds him to keep such information confidential.Fugitive, Martha  (Brown Sugar)  DeVere

No arrests have been made but authorities suspect it is the work of fugitives, Stockton Dupres and Martha (Brown Sugar) DeVere, who have been on the run after Dupres freed DeVere from prison last month in a beautifully orchestrated jail break.

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