Geoff #21-44898 -

I am grateful to be allowed the opportunity to reach outside of the confines of my present situation, and allow my thoughts to roam freely, with every intention of reaching the destination of that special someone, who's willing to unite with me mentally and spiritually, with the expectations of growing and developing together, to create that natural bond between master and servant, that has no limitations.
Send me some nuts, Punk!!


Biff #34-77789

Hi! I'm Biff. Welcome, Welcome. I wish to correspond with anyone interested in corresponding with me. Currently I am in my fourth month of a 21-month sentence. I am of Fox descent. I am 2 years of age and am originally from Lexington, KY. On the street I was a low-level peanut oil pusher and Personal Trainer of dogs. That is to say, I kept dogs in shape by making them chase after me. Currently, I am depressed and am taking anti depressants. My purpose in seeking correspondence is this; I really need a fix! A little peanut oil is all I need! You can inject it into truffles and send them to me!!
Please, I have very little contact with the outside world…you are my only hope.


Nick #21-547866

What's up! My name is Nick! Better known as Stinker! And I'm looking forward to communicating with a few people that wouldn't mind sending a few nuts my way. So I'm going to give a little something about myself to my future benefactors. I'm educated, very idealistic, open minded, very understanding, honest, and I know how to handle my emotions. Of course, I was none of those things before I came here. That's how I got here in the first place. So you see, I'm not bitter! I'm a better squirrel because of prison.
Now, send nuts…because if you don't, I'll find you when I get out of here. I'll track you down like somebody's lost filbert!


Fingers #34-714532 -

My associates call me Fingers and you can too. I would like to find that one special someone to share my life with. I am 3 years old and I am an old fashioned guy with old-fashioned values. Believing that honesty and commitment are the foundation to any relationship.
I am easy going with a good sense of humor, enjoying the simple things in life and being a hopeless romantic, I have more fun at home in my tree rather than doing the park scene. I enjoy long chats, quiet nights at home, cuddling or just curling up in the nest together to watch a good sunset.
I hate dogs, cats, children and country music. Otherwise, you'll find me very easy to please. And please me you must, or I'll find someone else to bring me nuts!
What, did you think you were special?
Note: I do have nine months left before I get out.

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