For I have found both
freedom and safety
in my madness

-Khalil Gibran

Standoff in Bethlehem, PA-Peep held hostage!

A deranged, nut addicted squirrel has
taken over the Just Born, inc. manufacturing
plant in Bethlehem, PA, where world famous
marshmallow Peeps are made.
The unknown squirrel has a hostage;
an unnamed peep was abducted just moments
into the siege and is being held by the squirrel
in an office. Hostage negotiators are working
frantically for her release.

The squirrel is demanding 500 lbs of mixed nuts
and a helicopter in exchange for the release of the peep.
If his demands are not met within the next 8 hours,
he has threatened to torture the peep to death.

The squirrel is armed with a slingshot and unknown ammo.

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You are nut number

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