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The Pecan Keepers
(A Testimonial)

"I am a young fox squirrel who has been trying to serve the great Pecan God all my life by hoarding and saving my nuts and myself for the BIG day! But the Demons were tempting me at every turn. Beautiful, loose, lady squirrels always wanting me, fresh delicious nuts, begging to be molested in the privacy of my nest-chamber.
At wits end, I went to a Pecan Keepers gathering. My friends jeered and harassed me for going. But I REALLY wanted to serve the Lord and cleanse my life of the Enemy/Demons.
Alas, the Enemy/Demons completely took me over.
I now drink, smoke, molest nuts with great abandon and have all the women I want.
I have become a servant of the Enemy/Demons and cannot turn from my wicked ways.
Thank you Pecan Keepers! It was worth the $69.00 fee."

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