Truly man is the king of beasts
for his brutality excedes theirs.

-- Leonardo Da Vinci

Clinton Pardons Rebel Squirrel Leader,
Stockton Dupres!

Kentucky -- Escaped Death row convict and leader of the
Kentucky Branch of the Squirrel Enforcement Army, Stockton Dupres, has
been granted a pardon by outgoing President Clinton.

Dupres was one of 141 individuals pardoned by
President Clinton on his last day in office.

Stockton Dupres gained notoriety last year when he
escaped Death Row (with the aid of a pizza delivery man)
and went on to assume his role as leader of the Kentucky branch
of the Squirrel Enforcement Army. He was convicted of the
deaths of 73 squirrel hunters in 1999 and received a death sentence.

After escaping, it is believed that he lead the rebel squirrel army on
the bloodiest rampage in squirrel-hunting history. He is responsible
for the murder, torture and mutilation of hundreds of squirrel hunters.
Dupres managed to elude the FBI (it is thought) with the aid of
Attorney General, Janet Reno who carried on an Internet affair with the
rebel until the E-mails were uncovered. Dupres promptly dropped Reno
once the FBI discovered the relationship. But Reno, is said to have taken
the breakup very badly and is now full of bitterness and wants revenge.

Clinton has offered no reason for the controversial pardon.

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