Raisin Painting Squirrel Divides Art Lovers

I didn't really suffer for this

Art lovers are turning up their noses at an abstract picture painted with the artist's own feces.
The painting, on display at Frankfurt's Museum of Modern Art, depicts brown, raisin-like shapes surrounded by an off-white line. It doesn't smell because it is coated with resin, reportedly.
The 3-year-old artist, Anton, a Parisian squirrel, said he had eaten a large meal to give himself sufficient material for the painting.
``It was created in 1998 after he enjoyed a meal of fresh peanuts, mustard gherkins, sunflower seeds , filberts, watermelon and lemon juice, some beer and a big cookie,'' he told the paper.
Anton guarantees that he did not need to dilute his feces in order to complete his masterpiece.
The picture has suffered a mixed reception. ``Yuk, it really makes me want to throw up,'' one 50-year-old woman told the newspaper.
``It's sick,'' said a 29-year-old man.
``The colors are fantastic,'' countered another 50-year-old woman who viewed the painting. ``I'd find a space for that in my home.''

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