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Outlaw Bikers Head for Kentucky

Outlaw motorcycle squirrel gang, the "Minions of Mercilessness," is reportedly joining up with rebel leader Stockton Dupres in Kentucky. Authorities in Kentucky were put on alert Thursday to watch out for the pack of up to 700 riders streaming into the Bluegrass State this weekend. The FBI has been keeping a file on the 'MoM's' since 1988.
There have been 8 failed attempts by the FBI to convict gang members of everything from small time hustling to international nut laundering.
The FBI received a tip on Monday from an informant stating that the 'MoM's' were leaving their home base in Colorado to enlist in Dupres' bloody campaign against squirrel hunting in Kentucky, where the gray squirrel is the state game animal and squirrel brains are considered a delicacy.

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