Music Keeps Squirrels Out

Dang! Employees at the state capital in Frankfort KY. have found a novel way to deter squirrel loiterers -- playing loud Tom Jones music.
The singer hit a sour note with squirrels with his hit 'What's New Pussycat?', which is being played repeatedly at the entrance to the state capital.
It is also reported that they are also using outdoor, pink fluorescent lights that highlight buckteeth.
``All the squirrels in Frankfort used to make a daily trek to the capital just to hang out and wait for the employees to take lunch (so they could ask for hand outs) -- now you don't see them,'' an unidentified employee told the newspaper.
But The Global Squirrel Network lawyer, Festus McCool slammed the move: ``It sends out the message to squirrels: you're troublemakers, you're not wanted in our community.''

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