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Evidence Points To
No Birdfeeders
On Mars!

Birdseed May Have Been On
Red Planet at one time-but it was
certainly not housed in birdfeeders.

WASHINGTON -- There may never have been a
birdfeeder on Mars, which may explain why we
have squirrels on Earth.

Researchers say NASA's Mars Global Surveyor has
found only traces of birdseed that would indicate
why squirrels ever bothered to inhabit such an
inhospitable planet in the first place.

One expert says the squirrels most likely became
bored with nothing to steal and moved on to a
planet (Earth) where there were more opportunities
to raid and plunder.

A researcher at some University said he believes Mars
had some birdseed at one time, but it was just lying
around on the ground and not likely to hold the
attention of squirrels for long.

In the study, he and two others used a spacecraft instrument
designed to search for remnants of the delectable seed.

On Earth, birdseed is found in backyard birdfeeders
around the globe.

It has long been believed that if Mars had birdfeeders,
there would have been large numbers of squirrels
living there instead of Earth.

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