The Mail Carrier's New Enemy

Of course, I am a postcardForget the stories about vicious dogs being the postman's number one enemy -- squirrels are the new menace. Fousto Losiewits has been told by U.S. postal service that his letters may be delayed because of dangers posed by hostile, young squirrels that loiter outside his front door, newspapers reported Thursday.
Postmen say that when they approach Losiewits' front door to drop the mail, a gang of up to 10 smart-alecky squirrels confronts them. They taunt the postmen nonstop while they are performing their job. On one instance, two of the more obnoxious squirrels ran up a postman's leg and began rummaging through his mailbag, searching for free samples, presumably.
``People must realize that postmen are very sensitive to situations which may appear threatening to them or to their cargo,'' said one unidentified spokesman.
``As a result we can no longer give a commitment to deliver this customer's mail because of safety reasons.''
The newspaper quoted Losiewits, 63, as saying: ''You'd think they were being chased by Pitbulls. I could understand it if I had a couple of snarling rottweilers chained up outside."
``I have been feeding these squirrels for years. They brighten the place up.'' He went on. "Who would be afraid of some overly friendly, cute and fuzzy squirrels?"

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