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United States refuses to negotiate with Martian Ice Squirrels over the release of the kidnapped Lander!

The United States is to abandon its ambitious plans to bring back the Mars Polar Lander (MPL) along with rocks from the surface of Mars.
The devastating news came after several failed attempts to secure the release of the Lander.
Martian Ice Squirrels are holding the probe until their demands for nuts are met. NASA claims that it would be too expensive to send the amount of nuts they are demanding from Earth. And there is little faith that the squirrels would then release all three of the vessels they would then have.
Last year's double kidnapping of two Mars probes has forced NASA to take a long hard look at its Mars plans. Despite the bitter news, scientists insisted the Mars exploration program would continue, with or without the cooperation of the Martian Ice Squirrels. And confirmed that a Mars-orbiting science platform would be launched next year.
They would not discuss the results of the recent negotiations with the squirrels but admitted that the rodents are very single-minded in their demands.
"Our next lander on Mars will definitely surprise them!"

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