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Squirrels Accused of Courtroom Hijinx

A public defender says Colorado Springs park squirrels
acted inappropriately in a courtroom while waiting
for a contempt of court hearing against one of their own.

He wrote that squirrels in the gallery uttered
"several disparaging and unprofessional comments"
directed at the Judge, the defense attorney and a witness.

A dozen squirrels from nearby Acacia Park were in
the courtroom on Wednesday to witness the hearing
involving Jibbers, a fox squirrel from that park.

On Jan. 25, Jibbers triggered a mistrial in a drug case
by stealing the defendant's criminal record from the
open briefcase of the prosecuting attorney.
And then trading it to a member of the press for 3 peanuts.

Jibbers was charged with later making obscene gestures,
lighting a cigarette during court and launching a filbert at the judge,
striking him in the forehead.

The Defense Attorney said the other squirrels, whom he didn't identify,
acted just as inappropriately, also uttering profanity about the Judge,
throwing their peanut hulls on the courtroom floor and speaking
disparagingly about other park squirrels who had been called as
potential witnesses against Jibbers.

"These squirrels demonstrated an utter lack
of respect for the court," he wrote.

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