Do not wait for
the last judgement,
it takes place everyday.

- Albert Camus

Former President Bill Clinton
could face impeachment over
pardon of Stockton Dupres.

Rumors are flying about the possibility of
another Clinton impeachment - Possible, some say,
even if Clinton is no longer president.

Just why did Clinton pardon rebel squirrel leader
and convicterd muderer, Stockton Dupres
on his last day in office?
Some say it had something to do with contributions,
others think it may have been a personal favor
to then Attorney General, Janet Reno,
who was once linked personally to Dupres.

But the most compelling reason might have been a
lesion that was found on Clinton's back just weeks
before he left office.
The lesion, found by dermatologists and thought
to be pre-cancerous, was in the shape of an acorn.

Squirrels from around the country came to the
White House grounds to get a glimpse of the man
who carried the symbol of the Great Acorn.

The Global Squirrel Network obtained a restraining order
to keep doctors from removing and destroying the icon.

It is thought that Clinton made a deal to pardon Dupres
in order to free himself of the squirrels and their
misguided worship of his unfortunate skin problem.

The lesion was recently removed
but the matter of the pardon remains
a malignancy that may be harder to throw off.

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