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Woman Convicted in
Bushy Tail Implant Fraud

A married Mississippi woman was convicted on Monday of fraud and forgery after billing her illicit lover's $15,000 bushy-tail implant to her insurance company by claiming he was her husband.
A jury took less than an hour to convict the woman, 43, of the charges.
Her boyfriend, a bushy-tail envier who could not afford the procedure, has fled to Italy with the implanted evidence, officials said.
The plot unraveled when the woman's husband was opening the mail and discovered bills from the hospital where the boyfriend, pretending to be the husband, had gone for treatment.
The husband alerted police at once. "I knew she had her own clip on bushy-tail that she liked to wear to parties, but I never dreamed that she was leading this abhorrent, double life," he said.

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