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Miguel, the Cad. . . .

Hillary Linked to Squirrel!

Is there a new male in the First Lady's life?
Sources close to the White House fear the answer is yes.

The First Lady's obsession with collecting fancy nuts has not escaped prying eyes over the last couple of months. And now her brothers are involved in a nasty little Russian Hazelnut deal. What is the First Lady's interest in nuts? And what does she do with them?

Suspicions were raised recently when she was found in close proximity to a squirrel on the White House grounds. The squirrel, Miguel, is a well-known character living in Lafayette Park across from the White House. He is also known as a 'user' of lonely women, taking what he can get and then moving on.

In a statement issued earlier today, Mrs. Clinton called the rumors 'preposterous and idiotic,' playing down any scandal which may arise from the relationship.

The Global Squirrel Network has also learned that a spectacular tree condo has been built in the garden area of the Clinton's new $1.7 million home in Chappaqua, New York where Hilary will be spending much of her time in 2000.


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