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Victim hesitates before entering park

Man Sentenced for Hate Attack

Denver -- A man who randomly assaulted a squirrel in a city park has been sentenced to three years in prison in the first case of its kind to be prosecuted as a hate crime in Colorado.
A jury on Thursday found that the March 1 attack was motivated by Willy-Bob Boobster's hatred of squirrels, which added two years to his sentence. The victim had been tackled from behind while eating a nut on a picnic table.
The case was the first time the states hate crime law has been used to prosecute an offense motivated by the victim's species. Hate crime laws usually are applied in cases involving crimes motivated by race, ethnicity or sexual orientation.
Boobster, 27, was convicted March 29. He is linked to the Anti-Squirrel-Coalition and other hate groups.
The victim suffered a mild concussion when her head hit the corner of the picnic table. 94 year old Lucy Smith witnessed the attack and came to the squirrel's rescue. Smith hit Boobster repeatedly on the back of the head with her cane until he let go of the squirrel.
Boobster was unconscious when police and paramedics arrived a short time later. No charges were filed against Smith.

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