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"Squirrels May Take Halloween
Too Seriously"

Police report that what Americans once thought were Halloween pranks by fun loving teenagers may actually be the work of reveling squirrels. Surveillance cameras from 2000 show squirrels engaging in numerous pranks and illegal activities such as 'candy bag robbing' and 'tree papering.' When you think about it, confided one unidentified officer," Who but a squirrel would think of putting toilet paper in a tree?"
Halloween 2001 may be the worst yet for squirrel pranks because in January, a train carrying the highly addictive, 100% pure peanut oil derailed near Castle Rock, Colorado spilling over 10,000 gallons of the substance. Most of it was never recovered and it is believed to have ended up on the black market.
A normal, Dr. Jekyll squirrel can become Mr. Hyde when under the influence of peanut oil and it is banned in most states.

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