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burdens of life ...
... is to know that there is
such a thing as roadkill.

Scott E. Hancock

Town Reverses Peanut Ban

Town officials in one Kentucky town have reversed
a year-old peanut ban in an effort to get squirrels
off of street corners and sidewalks and back into parks.

The City Council voted 3-1 last week to repeal the town's ban
on bringing peanuts into parks, a little more than a year after
the same board imposed the measure in an attempt to control
squirrel feeding by the public.

The reversal was the first by a city or town that has enacted peanut
regulations according to an unidentified policewoman.

Downtown merchants said the peanut ban didn't stop people
from feeding the squirrels; it just put the problem out onto the
street where squirrels gathered and peanut hulls accumulated.

''The (peanut) hulls are a major problem, and so is the language you hear.
They've taken the park atmosphere and put it in the street,'' said one official,
who voted to eliminate the ban. "A person can't walk down Main Street anymore
without being accosted by some belligerent squirrel who wants his daily fix.
Some citizens are afraid to leave their homes without a pocketful of peanuts
because of the threats they've received."

Everyone agrees that the peanut problem should be
sent back to the parks where it belongs.

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