Giving is the Highest Expression of Potency

-- Erich Fromm

Supporters Heed Dupres' Silent Call for funds

Stockton Dupres acted and the people listened.
This month, the Kentucky Branch of the Squirrel Enforcement Army leader
made an unusual appeal for cash by strategically placing his
battle weary soldiers on street corners throughout the
Bluegrass state, selling flowers.

2.4 million supporters responded.

"Dupres is very subdued in fund-raising now that
he has received a presidential pardon for his past atrocities,"
said one supporter. "When his soldiers were forced to
sell flowers on street corners, people understood
it was a genuine need. And they responded."

Like many subversive armies, the Squirrel Enforcement Army
relies entirely on donations to meet its budget.

Since receiving his pardon from outgoing president Clinton,
Dupres has stopped all of his illegal fundraising programs,
and with that, the funds came to an abrupt stop.
But people seem to be responding to the new, charismatic Dupres
in ways that are shocking to his enemies.
Unlike his adversaries in the loosely knit Anti-Squirrel-Coalition,
Dupres has seized an opportunity to attract sympathy to his cause
with humility and non-violence.

Sources close to Dupres said its donations were $30.8 million
since the flower-selling campaign began a week ago.

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