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Squirrel To Be Tried for Lewd Acts

A 2-year-old squirrel accused of fondling his acorn in a public park is at the center of a debate over when nut admiration crosses the line and becomes a criminal act.
A prominent banker having lunch in the park, had reported seeing Randy (the squirrel) fondling his acorn in a lewd way. "The acorn appeared to be molested." He said in an affidavit. Prosecutors have charged Randy with lewd behavior, and a judge ruled Tuesday that the case could proceed. If convicted, Randy could be forced to spend two years placed under home supervision in his tree.
The case has prompted angry headlines, where the mass-circulation newspapers have campaigned for his immediate release and gathered nearly 29,000 petition signatures. ``Ten years ago, we would have thought it cute to see a squirrel playing with his acorn. But today, the prosecutors label it a crime,'' Newspapers said Monday. They are treating him like a 'pervert.'
At Tuesday's hearing, the slight, gray squirrel sat down beside his attorney, chewing on a peanut, oblivious to his surroundings.
Outside, about a dozen Squirrel Enforcement members gathered to protest.

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