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Death . . .
Death to those who oppose us!

Heavy Metal

Stockton Dupres' Secret Training Missions
at Rocky Flats Exposed!

Denver, Colorado-The Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant --
where the soil is contaminated in spots with high levels of plutonium
and other dangerous materials -- Is believed to be the secret training
ground for rebel squirrel leader, Stockton Dupres' elite battalion
of mutant killers, often referred to as 'MK's.'

Squirrel Enforcement Army sympathizers have been pressuring the
Senate to designate Rocky Flats as a federal wildlife refuge for several years.
If that happens, stated one concerned citizen who has been following the issue carefully,
"Dupres will be able to train those monsters openly!"

FBI officials received photos taken by an amateur photographer last week.
The disturbing pictures expose a sinister plot by Dupres, to raise an army of squirrels,
mutated by radioactive materials, to fight his war in Kentucky.

The photographer who has refused to be identified, fearing retaliation by Dupres,
infiltrated the training site three months ago posing as a nut vender.
He has been quoted as saying, "No one will believe this is happening!
They (the mutants) are hideous and soulless - They are super squirrels
in every physical way and possess a single-minded attraction
to killing and maiming humans."

Global Squirrel Network spokesperson, Attorney Festus McCool
will not have any of it. "The photos are obvious fakes planted by
some no-life Anti-Squirrel-Coalition member.
Dupres doesn't need mutants to fight the squirrel hunters in Kentucky -
He's doing a fine job with the rebels who serve under him now."

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