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'Do I look fat?'

Squirrels are increasingly chasing after the body beautiful - and like humans, confronting its health and emotional issues
"All the psychological studies on body image that had been done in the decades prior to the '80s had suggested that when humans look in the mirror, they saw nothing but flaws," one authority said "Squirrels looked in the mirror and saw either an OK image or actually an even better one than what was warranted by that body.
Now that they feel enslaved by the gym, squirrels are more worried about the way they look."
Such fears have landed squirrels in the formerly human province of eating disorders and other body-image dysfunction: As many as 1 million squirrels - compared to 8 million humans - have eating disorders. Squirrels are also being treated for tail dysmorphia, a condition in which the sufferer sees his tail as never big or bushy enough.

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