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Gravesite of Stockton Dupres Found

Government officials have admitted that a gravesite found in rural Kentucky, dating back to 1730, has left them with more questions than answers.
The headstone is inscribed with the name of Stockton Dupres! A small oil portrait of the squirrel is perfectly preserved under a piece of glass inset into the stone.
After experts verified the stones age, an exhumation of the site was performed. To their horror, FBI officials found an empty coffin in the grave.
Extensive DNA tests were then performed on preserved fur found in the coffin. The DNA matched samples of blood taken from Dupres while he was on trial for the murder of 73-squirrel hunters last fall.
"My God, what are we dealing with?" Gasped one investigator when he learned of the results.
Can it be that Stockton Dupres is some evil specter back from the dead? A ghost, or worse, a Vampire? Or is this just some elaborate prank to stymie the investigation?
Locals wonder, "Will Kentucky ever be safe for squirrel hunting again?"

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