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Catch me if you can . . . LOSERS! Delivery Boy Frees Dupres!

A bandit posing as a food deliveryman pulled out a pistol instead of pizza to overpower prison guards and free political prisoner, Stockton Dupres early Monday, local media reported.
Dupres and his daredevil delivery-boy then escaped through an underground tunnel.
The identity of the deliveryboy is still unknown but rumor has it that he goes by the alias "Squirrelman."
The FBI will help track Dupres who was scheduled to die by lethal injection later this month for his roll in the murders of 73 Kentucky squirrel-hunters in October.
Stockton Dupres is the only squirrel in America to sit on death row for his crimes. A made-for-TV movie about his life was scheduled to air beginning Sunday but will be postponed until he is captured.
The Global Squirrel Network has no comment on this latest update . . .
Except maybe. . . YES!!!!

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