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Squirrel with apartment full of humans
charged with cruelty

A 2-year-old Denver squirrel who held 15 people as slaves in an apartment was charged Thursday with cruelty to humans.
Rocket (as she is known) was charged with nine misdemeanor cruelty counts for keeping the people in what authorities called cramped, poorly ventilated quarters.
Police went to the apartment Monday after a neighbor complained to the apartment complex manager that she heard loud noises coming from the home. The manager told police that he had seen many different people coming and going from the apartment on a daily basis, and that other residents had complained several times lately about noise.
Authorities say that Rocket is a 'collector', a term given to those who collect an abundance of pets, often more than they are able to care for. The humans were forced to work odd jobs in order to provide the squirrel with her favorite foods and shiny objects.
Authorities are still unsure why the slaves did not seek help when they left the apartment each day.

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