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Bushytail Bar Probed
for $27,000 Credit Card Bill

The state attorney general's office is investigating a bushytail bar after a customer's credit card was charged almost $27,000 for four visits, officials said on Thursday.
The man, 58, said he visited BT's club four times over a 10-day period in July 1999. He said he was taken advantage of because he was too drunk to know what he was doing, the attorney general's office said.
``We're looking into whether squirrels at BT's knowingly charged the man for services he did not receive,'' said a spokeswoman for the attorney general. ``That would be an unfair business practice.''
The bill totaling $26,974.50 would buy more than 2,600 so-called table dances, in which a squirrel dances right in front of individual customers, or more than 10,000 nuts, the spokesperson calculated.
``I think it's fair to say he was completely shocked at the bill. He does not know what happened to him. He reached the conclusion when he received these bills (that) he had been taken advantage of,'' his attorney told the newspaper. But an attorney for the club says the man not only knew what he was doing, but had conversations with several of the patrons at the club during one of his spending sprees.
``The witnesses we have heard him say, 'my wife is going to divorce me and she hates squirrels. So I'm spending half of her money on the nut-devils'".
The man not only bought several rounds of nuts for the whole bar but included generous tips for wait staff and dancers on his credit card.

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