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Fake Bar Codes
Used by Nut Ring

Lexington, KY - Kentucky police on Thursday said they had arrested a squirrel for allegedly using bogus electronic bar codes to buy expensive roasted peanuts for a cut-rate price.
The suspect, who identified himself to police as "Rascal," 3, was caught by a store detective putting forged bar codes on cans of roasted peanuts and paying a fraction of the original price at checkout, said authorities.
``Some of the cans of fancy roasted peanuts were priced at $10 each, and he'd pay $.05 for them using the bar code he'd attached,'' said one police detective.
Police believe Rascal may be part of a much larger nut ring in the state. A possible link between him and the Kentucky branch of the Squirrel Enforcement Army is being investigated.
Police said a search of the hollow tree that Rascal calls home turned up more than 8,000 cans of roasted peanuts and a supply of bar code stickers.
``It's very sophisticated, very elaborate,'' the detective said. ''We believe he's on the low rung of some organized operation.''
Fear is now spreading through the region that food has been stashed for members of the Squirrel Enforcement Army in the event of an all out attack by them. Rebel leader Stockton Dupres has led a terrorist campaign against squirrel hunters in the state over the last year since escaping from death row.

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