Clip-on Bushy Tails

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Fashion Statement for the Millennium

Bushytail Envy; A term which used to stigmatize its victims causing bouts of depression and low self esteem. But no more say the experts. In fact, bushytail envy is proving to be one of the healthiest expressions for our culture to embrace.
One of the reasons for the recent popularity of wearing clip-on squirrel tails is the new technology involved in making them. Unlike those tacky clip-ons of the 70's and 80's (which were so obvious) the new clip-on is so realistic that if someone didn't KNOW that you were born without one, they can't guess by looking at it. The new clip-on can be worn 24 hours a day if you like because they are waterproof, wrinkle proof and will never shed. The life expectancy of these new tails is about 10 years with regular wear. And maybe best of all, they are not made of real squirrel tails!
Most of us can't afford to have a tail implant like Fabio or Dr. Laura but with a price tag of under $200 who among us can't afford to be our very best?
HOLD ON, COWBOY! They're not available yet. But as soon as they are, Greysquirrel will have exclusive details on how you can get yours. At this stage, They are looking at July or August.
Everyone agrees, it will be worth the wait.
Just feast your eyes on what will be available.

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The Glamour Tail: Warning! Don't wear it unless you are ready to get noticed.

Simply Business* This clip on will make a statement for you and it's all business!

The Athlete* This clip on says 'fun'. Even if you're not an athlete, you'll want to look like one.

Standard clip on* Suitable for everyday use.


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