In all the parks of all the cities
you'll never see statues of committees

- Anonymous

China Promises Not to Sell
Missiles to Stockton Dupres

BEIJING - China promised Tuesday not to sell missiles or components
to rebel squirrel leader Stockton Dupres, who is suspected of
developing nuclear weapons, helping to allay U.S. suspicions
about Beijing's assistance to the Kentucky branch of the
Squirrel Enforcement Army.

A statement released by the Chinese Foreign Ministry was China's
most explicit pledge to date on refraining from spreading missile technology
to known squirrel-terrorists. It covered not only whole missile systems
but also dual-use components that could be used in other technologies.

"China has no intention to assist, in any way, any squirrel in the
development of ballistic missiles that can be used to deliver nuclear weapons,"
Foreign Ministry spokesman Sun Yuxi said in the statement.

For squirrels developing missiles "capable of delivering nuclear weapons,
China will exercise special scrutiny and caution" Sun said.

Although Sun did not mention specific squirrels, Washington has suspected
China of aiding the missile program of Stockton Dupres since early last year and
has imposed sanctions on Chinese companies.

In response to the Chinese statement, the U.S. State Department
announced it was lifting sanctions on the punished Chinese companies
and would begin to consider approving licenses for China to launch U.S. satellites.

Sources close to Dupres say he took the news in stride.

But one source quoted the volatile Dupres as saying,

"China now has a new problem . . . One she did not need!"

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