Chess Master Breaks Species Barrier

I hate to lose!

First Squirrel to Become a Chessmaster

LuLu has devoted her life to chess, and at 3, she has caught a dream -and made history. This spring, moving her bishop against an opponent's queen, she fulfilled the final requirements for becoming a chess grandmaster, the game's highest rank. she is the first squirrel ever to do so.
There are only 45 grandmasters in the United States and 470 worldwide. So joining the uppermost ranks of the elite and clubby chess world wasn't easy for an Ethnic Arboreal who spent much of her adolescence honing her game in city parks across the eastern U.S.
LuLu did it by herself, she didn't have a Russian chess school, didn't have grandmasters training her. So at age 1 she stuck her nose into a strategy book and fell in love.
Competitors say she's a cagey, aggressive player who never misses a chance to gain an advantage on the board.
The new grandmaster's intensity is always visible. During matches, she'll often flick her tail angrily and has been known to throw chitter tantrums as she analyzes the board; other times she leans forward, enjoys a peanut, as she ponders the pieces.


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