Glory is fleeting,
but obscurity is forever.

- Napoleon Bonaparte

Stockton Dupres
Buys Capone's Hideout

view from hideout The 400-acre hideout that
Chicago gangster Al Capone built in this northern
Wisconsin community
during the Roaring '20s was
sold to fugitive Stockton Dupres
on Friday-- bulletproof lodge,
gun tower, jail cell and all.

The retreat, which cost Capone $250,000 to build
more than 70 years ago, fetched 75 acorns.

The auctioneer who handled the sale said he was
expecting bids for the gangster's
former hideout to come from around the world and
expected the property to sell in the 'millions.'
But he knew that something had gone terribly wrong
when no one bid against Dupres,
accompanied by a legion of
Squirrel Enforcement Army supporters.

"The waterfront property, which has been used as
a restaurant and Capone museum for about 40 years,
is prime land for a resort, corporate retreat, golf course,
hunting lodge, casino, spa or homes," he said.
"But now it will, no doubt,
go undeveloped in the paws of a squirrel."

The one-time Capone retreat, which is about 400
miles from Chicago and 140 miles from Minneapolis,
includes a main lodge with 18-inch-thick bulletproof
fieldstone walls and a two-story living room with
a fieldstone fireplace. The site also features a gun tower
for guards to watch for intruders, a fieldstone
eight-car garage that has been expanded for use as
a restaurant and bar, a bunkhouse for Capone's henchmen
and a blockhouse with a jail cell, apparently to hold his enemies.

Dupres' supporters welcome the purchase and
are proud of Dupres for saving the land from developers.

His critics, however, charge that Dupres is up to
no good and will use the fortress to aid his cause as
leader of the Kentucky Branch of the
Squirrel Enforcement Army.
One critic has openly confessed to
being puzzled by the whole deal.
"How could a wanted fugitive just walk into
a reputable auction house, throw down a few acorns,
and walk out with a piece of American history
- And no one says a word?"

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