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Stockton Dupres behind Prison Break

The FBI's most wanted and escaped death row squirrel; Stockton Dupres has done it again. This time Dupres has managed a prison break, releasing one of the most ruthless female squirrels in the country.
It is unclear how Dupres got into the maximum-security prison but he ended up in the weightlifting room where the damsel of destruction was pumping iron and together, they easily overpowered the two guards on duty.
They escaped through a hidden passage through a wall behind the treadmill. "She must have been working on that tunnel for months, "said one guard. "Right under our noses!"

Get outta my face, loser!The Escapee is:
Martha DeVere, Alias 'Brown Sugar': Who was serving life without parole for the brutal murder and torture of a squirrel hunter in Western KY, the kidnapping and murder of 3 drunken campers who were shooting squirrels for 'sport.' And for the murder of a fisherman she saw tying flies with squirrel tails. She is known as the She-Devil of the forest and is ruthless beyond description. Reportedly, an old girlfriend of Dupres she is an expert bomb maker and a 'jack-of-all trades' specializing in every illegal activity she tries.
The National Guard has been called to Kentucky while authorities hold their breath, wondering where Dupres and his new partner-in-terror will strike next.

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