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Woman Nabbed With Squirrel in Bra

Louisville, KY-A woman was arrested on Friday for trying to smuggle escaped convict, Stockton Dupres out of Kentucky in an oversized bra that gave her breasts a large and unshapely appearance, authorities said.
Police at the Louisville airport said it was thought to be the first time that anyone had tried to smuggle a squirrel in a false brassiere.
Police said they ordered a body search of the Colorado woman, who was attempting to board a flight to Europe, after noticing that her prodigious curves looked askew.
The notorious Dupres was able to escape authorities after leaping from the bra during the search. Jumping from head to head in the dense crowd with an amazing show of acrobatics, and eventually, "Just disappeared" as one security official put it.
``This is a first,'' a police spokesman told reporters. ``It shows you how far some women are willing to go in order to save their 'bad boys' from prison.''

The search for Dupres continues as the biggest squirrel-hunt in Kentucky's history takes yet another twist.

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