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Of course, I am a postcardBud, a local party animal was a beloved charactor in Monticello.
Photo(at left)was taken at his Bithday party on Dec.6 of last year."He will be missed", was all that the local weatherman, Rob Burke could manage as he faught back tears.

Identity of backyard bones is squirrel's

Monticello, IL police have confirmed (Wednesday) that bone fragments found in the backyard of Vern Wallace in southeast Monticello are those of a missing local squirrel known as 'Bud'.
Detectives say DNA comparisons made with Bud's nephew, Rupert, confirm that all the bones are those of Bud.
Neighbors suspected Wallace had something to do with Bud's disappearance since May 13 when Bud didn't show up for his usual meals around town. He was reported missing by several neighbors but police had nothing to go on. Then on Wednesday morning, bones were found in Wallace's backyard by 13 year old Billy O'Toole while mowing the lawn for Wallace. Billy immediately notified authorities who quickly obtained a search warrant for the Wallace property.
Wallace surrendered peacefully and gave a full confession once he knew of the DNA results.
Vern Wallace was an avid birdfeeder and had been at war with neighborhood squirrels for 20 years. During the search of his premises, police found literature linking Wallace to several anti-squirrel factions and an obscure cult which openly practices Misosquirousy (squirrel hate).
The senseless crime has left this sleepy little town traumatized and it's innocence, clearly lost.

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